Community Center

What is it?

A state-of-the-art Community Center for individuals and family members to be able to enjoy social interaction and  for NAMI DuPage to increase programs such as employment assistance, housing assistance, recreational, and a living room, and to continue growing our existing programs.

Not only is the facility beautiful, designed around the Greek elements of “Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water”, but it will vastly increase NAMI DuPage’s ability to offer programs and meet our mission statement of holistic support and social change.  NAMI’s location in the “Water” section of the center symbolizes our commitment to providing both calm and tranquility alongside powerful advocacy for mental illness.

Set in the heart of Wheaton this Community Center, in partnership with the DuPage County Health Department, will do much to provide vitally needed services to DuPage residents dealing with mental illness to support them in our community.