Become a Corporate Partner

NAMI DuPage is interested in partnering with businesses and companies that support our mission and who want to help make a difference in social change for people who struggle with mental illnesses. By providing resources such as time, talent and treasure, corporate partners can help transform mental health inequalities that can lead to positive changes that affect not only individual’s lives but also entire communities. Positive mental health is linked to a range of development outcomes, including better health status, higher educational achievement, enhanced productivity and earnings, improved interpersonal relationships, better parenting, closer social connections and improved quality of life. We think you will agree that a mentally healthy workforce is good for business.

The benefits to your business in supporting NAMI DuPage may include some or all of the following:

  • Enriching your connection to philanthropic efforts.
  • Enhancing you company’s image to a specific audience.
  • Creating Business to Business Opportunities.
  • Promoting internal good will and involvement, as well as team building, amongst your employees.
  • Reaching high caliber volunteers and donors, many of who are leaders in their professions.

In exchange for your support, NAMI DuPage offers:

  • Public acknowledgments through its website, annual report, news releases and newsletter.
  • On-site visibility at specific events with use of corporate logo.
  • Billing exclusivity as a title sponsor, for example, or Industry exclusivity, where only one firm from a given industry sponsors an activity.
  • Naming rights for specific rooms/areas at the new Mental Health Community Center

How your business can support NAMI DuPage

1. Donate Monetary Funds to support NAMI DuPage’s Operations:
A monetary gift of any amount provides NAMI DuPage with the necessary financial resources to continue offering hope and recovery supportive services while also raising awareness and understanding of mental illness through community education.

2. Donate in-kind gifts of goods and services:
NAMI DuPage welcomes donations of in-kind gifts consisting of goods and services. Gifts of services consist of discounts on professional services from our vendor relationships. Please note that NAMI DuPage does not place a dollar value on in-kind donations for tax purposes. Thank you letters will describe the gifts but it is the responsibility of the donor to determine fair market value for IRS purposes.

3. Sponsor/underwrite an event:
NAMI DuPage seeks corporations and local business to sponsor our major fundraising events. Sponsorships packages for these events are usually tiered to reflect classifications ranging from base level sponsors to a sole title sponsor.

4. Donate an item for a silent auction:
NAMI DuPage welcomes the donation of specific items, gift cards or gift certificates for silent auction or raffle activities associated with a special event. To be eligible as a charitable contribution for tax purposes there must be a payment of money or transfer of property without receiving any adequate consideration.

5. Donate company time as group volunteers:
NAMI DuPage encourages companies to assemble employees as group volunteers to help spruce up our properties. Volunteers should be at least 18 years of age. Pro bono help can vanquish our to-do list. Participating companies are recognized for their group volunteer efforts in our annual report, on our website and in our newsletters.

6. Serve on the board of directors or a standing committee:
NAMI DuPage is seeking to broaden its base of volunteer leadership at the Board and Committee levels. Potential board members should be willing to embrace and assist with fundraising activities, attend at least 75% of all board meetings, engage in policy making and help promote the work of NAMI DuPage throughout your network of friends and business associates.