Become a part of NAMI DuPage and help support our mission. Annual membership demonstrates your support for the important work being done by NAMI DuPage and helps make our voices heard in DuPage County, Springfield and Washington DC. Membership provides you, among other things, with the latest mental health updates, allows you to participate in an online discussion groups, and adds your voice to the NAMI movement to improve the lives of millions of people struggling with mental illnesses. Your annual membership dues help to keep our core programs free for anyone wanting to attend.

When you join, you become a NAMI member at all three levels of the organization—national, state and local—with one payment! As of July 1, 2017, the NAMI (National) Board of Directors has established the individual membership rate at $40 per year and the Household membership rate at $60 per year. We also offer a reduced Open Door rate of $5 per year for anyone experiencing financial constraints.

Annual Membership Dues as of 7/1/17 are split among the national, state and local NAMIs, as follows:

Type Description Total Dues National share State Share NAMI DuPage share
Household Applies to all adults (>18 yrs of age) living at the same household address whose names are provided when joining or renewing $60 $20 $20 $20
Individual Applies to one person $40 $10 $15 $15
Open Door Applies to one person experiencing financial limitations; students are also eligible. $5 $1 $2 $2


Please help us do more!

Be an “Advocate” for $100 per year. The amount contributed in excess of the established dues helps us cover more of the costs of operating and expanding our programs.

Members who support NAMI DuPage at the Advocate level will receive a 10% discount on admission/registration to the organizations 3 major fundraising events (Shine A Light Gala/Run For the Mind/Uncorked & Uncapped Wine & Craft Beer Tasting) for one year.

Benefits include:

  • Being part of a nationwide movement in providing a voice and advocating for better treatment and quality of life for those individuals and families who struggle with mental illness.
  • Helping to fund NAMI DuPage programs and services, the majority of which are offered free of charge.
  • Receiving the NAMI Advocate magazine and NAMI DuPage Newsletter
  • Attending the National Convention at a discounted rate.
  • Availability of books, brochures and fact sheets on brain disorders, medications and related issues at the NAMI DuPage office library.
  • Accessing member-only online content
  • Connecting with others in discussion groups

Become a Member or Renew Membership Online

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Membership FAQs:

Who can be a NAMI member?

Anyone who accepts the NAMI mission and pays annual dues may be a member of NAMI. A “member” may be one individual or a family of individuals living in one household that is counted as one for the purposed of paying due and voting.

What does it mean for me to be a NAMI member?

NAMI has a strong commitment to “a member is a member is a member” — meaning that anyone who joins the organization at any entry point has joined the organization at all points (NAMI DuPage/NAMI Illinois/NAMI National). NAMI membership helps ensure a better tomorrow for the nearly 60 million Americans living with mental illness and their families. NAMI is the foundation of a grassroots movement to raise awareness and provide essential and free education, advocacy and support group programs. Because mental illness impacts the lives of so many Americans, each membership is vital as we work together every day to save every life. The more members we have, the more power we have to improve the mental health system.

What is the difference between membership and a donation? Does my donation automatically qualify for membership?

A donation is a tax-deductible gift to NAMI DuPage. Donations sustain NAMI DuPage and provide the necessary operating funds so that we can educate, advocate and change the way America thinks about mental illness.

When you make a gift, it does not mean you are a member of NAMI DuPage. However, we have many people who choose to be both donors and members of our organization.

What do I need to know about standardized dues?
The NAMI (National) Board of Directors periodically evaluates NAMI’s membership program to ensure that it meets the needs of the organization and its members. In 2016, after a lengthy review and evaluation process that took into consideration feedback from state and local affiliates, the Board of Directors decided to add a Household membership category to our membership structure. In addition to the Household membership category, the Board decided to increase the dues for Regular and Open Door memberships. These changes become effective as of July 1, 2017.

Who is eligible for Open Door rate?

NAMI (National), NAMI Illinois and NAMI DuPage offer a reduced dues rate, called Open Door, for members with limited financial resources. Open Door membership is not a consumer membership and recipients do not need to prove their need – all they have to do is ask. Although the Open Door dues rate is universally available, it is not offered online for new members. Open Door dues rate are included on the standard membership forms made available by NAMI DuPage.

Is everyone in a household counted as a NAMI member if someone at the household paid for a Household membership?

The person who pays the Household membership will need to list the specific adult individuals in the Household for them to be counted as members. Someone is not considered a member if they were not listed on the Household membership, or does not have a membership of their own.

Can we add someone else to our Household membership prior to paying our renewal?

Yes, so long as each person is at the same address.

Can an individual living in a household have their own, separate membership or do they need to be part of a Household membership?
Yes, that person can still have their own Individual or Open Door membership even if they are living in the same household as a group with a Household membership.

How are donations made when members join NAMI DuPage?
If a member wishes to make a donation of which 100% of the proceeds will benefit the communities that NAMI DuPage serves, then we encourage our members to donate directly on the NAMI DuPage website at