Shining Stars Capital Campaign


There comes a moment when we have the opportunity to really matter about which we really care. There comes a moment when we can help shape the destiny of this organization. There comes a moment when we are no longer the bit players in the wings, but main actors on the stage of this drama. This is the time to make a lasting imprint upon this organization that we cherish

Bill Frick, VP of Development, University of Notre Dame

The Challenge:

In recent years, budget cuts in public mental health funding have led to the decimation of community mental health services and eroded a critical safety net for thousands of people living with mental illness. In addition, the State of Illinois budget impasse has led to reduction in services from other nonprofit agencies reliant upon state funding. NAMI DuPage has experienced a ripple effect in demand for its free programs and community outreach services to bring hope and healing to the thousands of individuals and families impacted by the devastating effects of mental illness. We believe this upward trajectory will only increase in the years ahead.

The Solution:

In response to a survey of our membership and supporters a few years ago, NAMI DuPage developed and implemented several new programs to address critical program needs for individuals and families living with mental illness that were not being met in our communities. NAMI DuPage launched the first phase of its Shining Stars Capital Campaign and raised $130,000 from a small group of key supporters for the development of these programs. Based on the initial response and the number of participants, it was obvious that the need for these new programs was long overdue.

Our Problem:

The new programs, as well as an expansion of our existing programs, have arisen and grown as a natural response to the overwhelming demand and from your input of needed mental health services. As with any new programs, it takes time for funders to be willing to provide financial support since reported outcomes are an important component in a program’s evaluation. Our problem is simple. We need to raise additional funds to provide us with a safety net to continue operating these programs until other sustainable sources of funding can be developed.

We recognize that we are the only organization in DuPage County offering wrap-around services that not only aide in a person’s recovery but also that of the family and our community. If we did not offer these programs, it is doubtful anyone else could or would. To that end, we appeal to YOU, our members, supporters and the community at large, to join with us in making a pledge to sustain these life changing programs.



Our Campaign:

NAMI DuPage is entering the 2nd phase of its Shining Stars Capital Campaign, a three-year fundraising effort to secure gifts and pledges up to $370,000 to meet our campaign goal of $500,000. Specifically, funding from this campaign will enable us to:

  • Operate and grow our new programs pertaining to workforce development, social/recreation and the Living Room, a peer-led, crisis stabilization alternative to the hospital ER.
  • Increase the number of Family to Family, Basics and WRAP classes held during the year and recruit and train more facilitators
  • Recruit and train more individual and family peer specialists, with an emphasis on helping “at-risk” populations with mental illness, including senior citizens, women, veterans and criminal offenders in the justice system.
  • Expand our youth-focused “Ending the Silence” program to encompass high school seniors in public and private high schools to prepare them as emerging adults.
  • Expand our partnerships with local police departments with NAMI P.D. Connect, a customized police training program focusing on mental health recognition and response to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

Gift Plans to Consider

The gift plans listed below are provided as a suggested pledge guideline. Please carefully consider the pledge plans and select one that fits your budget.  Spreading the payment period over several years allows for a charitable deduction to be claimed in years when the tax liability in the greatest. It also enables you to consider more significant contributions to the pledge campaign than would otherwise be possible. Gifts of every amount are needed and appreciated.



GIFT SIZE 3 Annual Pymts 12 Quarterly Pymts 36 Monthly Pymts Daily (3 yr.) Sacrifice
Visionary $25,000 $8,333.33 $2,083.33 $694.44 $22.83
Leader $15,000 $5,000.00 $1,250.00 $416.66 $13.69
Benefactor $10,000 $3,333.33 $833.33 $277.77 $9.13
Advocate $7,500 $2,500.00 $625.00 $208.33 $6.84
Partner $5,000 $1,666.66 $416.66 $138.88 $4.56
Supporter $2,500 $833.33 $208.33 $69.44 $2.28
Friend $1,200 $400.00 $100.00 $33.33 $1.09


We recognize that not everyone can make the same size gift, but everyone can be counted among our benefactors and can make a sacrifice for the benefit of thousands of people who rely on us for our free programs. Please think about what you can manage without undue burden and make a pledge. You can make a difference in a person’s life by giving them the gift of hope, healing and recovery.

Donor Recognition Wall

All donors contributing gifts at the minimum levels will have their names inscribed on various sized metallic stars that will be placed on the Shining Stars Donor Wall located in the reception area of the NAMI DuPage office in the Community Center.  Anonymous gifts will be recognized as such. The Donor Wall will remain on view for so long as the facility endures.

Questions about the campaign? For more information. Please contact Geri Kerger by phone at 630-752-0066 or via email at