Why Give to NAMI DuPage?

Mental illness is an equal opportunity illness that does not discriminate. It can be found in all sectors of the US economy, from the board room to the factory floor, from academia to art. It can occur in a home environment with a child, adolescent, parent or grandparent. Mental illness affects men and woman, young and old, rich and poor and people of all races and cultures. According to the Surgeon General, one in four adults (25%) will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year.

Overall, the estimated cost of untreated mental illness to DuPage County is almost $2 billion per year in terms of missed days or work and reduced productivity, treatment for physical illnesses associated with, or worsened by mental illness, and societal costs including the increased use of the criminal justice system.

Over its 30 year history, NAMI DuPage has substantially improved the lives of people with mental illnesses and improved development outcomes for these individuals, their families and their communities.

Our Impact: 2015

Total People Served:  34,100 unduplicated individuals and family members living with mental illness.

Support Groups:  4,211 people participated in weekly drop-in recovery support groups for individuals, families or parents.

Educational Program: 198 individuals, family members and care givers participated in NAMI’s signature, 6-12 week education programs, including WRAP, Family to Family and Basics, to acquire strategies for coping, handling crises and relapse, problem solving, empathy, listening and communication, resources and services.

Resource Hotline: 1,560 people called NAMI DuPage’s non-crisis help-line for information and referrals.

Peer Program: 12 people graduated from a 16 week training and mentoring program to become individual or family peer support specialists.

Hospital Program: 4,740 in- and outpatients of the six DuPage County behavioral health hospitals received information on NAMI DuPage resources as well as hope through personal recovery stories as told from volunteer presenters.

Community Education: 1,776 people were educated and/or trained on mental health basics and issues across a variety of disciplines, including law enforcement, churches, libraries, municipal government, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Youth Education:  21,076 middle and high school students in DuPage County were presented with the respective ETS 101 and Ending the Silence interactive programs on recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness and reducing the stigma.

Why does NAMI DuPage need your financial support?

As a county-level affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), NAMI DuPage is one of the largest and most innovative of the 1,200 affiliates in the country. NAMI DuPage operates as a financially independent 501(c) (3) organization and does not receive any direct financial support from the national or state NAMI organizations. Nor does it receive any federal or state funding. Rather, NAMI DuPage relies on the remarkable generosity of the community for operational and program support.

Offering programs and services free of charge to individuals, families and the community does not come without a cost to NAMI DuPage. Therefore, we need your financial support to keep our vital services going and make a difference in the lives of those people who struggle with mental illnesses.

Please consider making as generous a gift as you can!

What is my gift specifically used for?

NAMI DuPage needs annual funding support to continue providing hope and recovery support programs to individuals, their families and caregivers who live with the effects of illness. Specifically, your gift helps to fund:

  • Drop-in support groups held at various locations throughout DuPage County.
  • Drop-In centers for recreational activities to help reduce alienation and encourage social integration.
  • Training of individuals to become peer support specialists in order to help other individuals and families.
  • Educational, multi-week classes for individuals (WRAP), families (Family to Family) and parents (Basics) on developing strategies for coping and living with mental illness.
  • Non-crisis Resource Hotline to provide resources and referrals.

In addition, NAMI DuPage needs funding to continue raising awareness and understanding of mental illness through community education. Your gift helps to fund:

  • Youth education programs, such as ETS 101 and Ending the Silence, for middle and high school students in DuPage County schools.
  • Recovery Connections Hospital Program for behavioral health patients of the six area hospitals.
  • Customized community presentations on the basics of mental illness awareness and issues to businesses and organizations in the community, such as law enforcement, libraries and faith-based organizations.

And finally, NAMI DuPage has expanded programs in conjunction with its unique partnership with the DuPage Health Department at the new Mental Health Community Center. Your gift helps to fund:

  • The Living Room: a nonclinical, peer-led program that serves as a safe, stabilizing and calming alternative to costlier hospital emergency room treatment.
  • Workforce Development Program that offer individuals, living with mental illness, job preparedness and life skills training as well as job training in office administration, commercial printing, and food service/hospitality.
  • Recreational Program that offers recreational and social activities in order to promote optimal physical and mental well-being and reduce stigma, alienation, and isolation.

The impact of these newer programs is expected to provide a significant cost benefit to local communities and businesses both in dollar and human terms. This net benefit will be achieved through savings in lower medical costs or “cost offsets” as well as increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and decreased disability costs.

How your gift is spent

In our fiscal year, ended June 30, 2015, NAMI DuPage spent 76% of its budget on delivering program services. In other words, for every $100 collected in cash donations from the public, NAMI DuPage spent $76 on charitable programs.  The remaining $24 was spent on overhead, which includes fundraising, and management & general. CharityWatch considers a charity, such as NAMI, to be highly efficient when end calculations produce a Program % of 75% or higher.