Community Presentation

Our Community Education Department is pleased to offer several educational programs to bring hope to families and individuals who live with mental illness. Through education we can reduce stigma, provide resources and inform the public that recovery is possible.

NAMI DuPage Presentations Available

1. NAMI Overview
(30 minute presentation)
An overview of the services offered at NAMI DuPage including support, advocacy and education. This also includes a brief testimony of living with mental illness from either the individual with mental illnesses or family member perspective is included.


2. “Hear Us”…Family Perspective
(15 minutes to 45 minute presentation)
What do families experience when a loved one is suffering from mental illness? Come and hear family members present their stories and learn the predictable stages of emotional reactions. Help learn how the public can respond to these families in crisis. Perspectives available from the spouse, parent and child’s viewpoint.



3. Auditory Hallucinations Exercise
(30 minutes to 45 minutes)
What is it like to hear voices? Join us in this interactive presentation and learn first hand what it is like to have schizophrenia. If available, someone who has schizophrenia will share their story and answer questions.



4. Police Training- NAMI.PD.CONNECT.

Our NAMI.PD.CONNECT Program offers a variety of presentation options for Police Departments in DuPage County. Through 8-hour, 4-hour, or other length trainings- we provide an overview of what mental illness is and how to best interact or approach someone who is exhibiting symptoms of a mental illness during a call.


5. “In Our Own Voice”
(60 to 90 minute presentation)
A brief, yet comprehensive interactive presentation about mental illness—including video, personal testimony, and discussion—enriches the audience’s understanding of how people with these serious disorders cope with the reality of their illnesses while recovering and reclaiming productive lives. Topics include:

  • Dark Days
  • Acceptance
  • Treatment
  • Coping Strategies
  • Successes, Hopes and Dreams

This presentation can be adapted to fit your time schedule.

6. Design Your Own Presentation
(Design a mental health seminar 1 hour to full day)

Schedule your presentation for corporations, faith-based groups, police departments & other organizations and groups!

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For more information contact:
Meredith Kober – Community Education Director
630-752-0066  x 207