Community Presentations

Community Presentations

Our Education & Community Training Department is pleased to offer educational Community Presentations to bring hope to families and individuals who live with mental illness and inform community members what they can do to best support and come alongside these individuals and family members. Through education we can reduce stigma, provide resources and inform the public that recovery is possible. Our department offers a variety of different types of trainings that are available to any organization or group requesting a presentation. We aim to tailor our presentations to your group’s needs, to make sure that you are receiving the information and education that will be most helpful to your group.

We offer specialized presentations that cover basic information about mental illness such as signs and symptoms, talk about the prevalence and importance of discussing mental health problems, and also provide practical steps for connecting people with mental illness and their family members to appropriate people and resources. Presenters from our Speaker’s Bureau present their personal recovery stories living with mental illness, or being a friend or family of someone with a mental illness.

[I learned] how to build more meaningful relationships with patients and gain trust and work as a team.”

– Community Presentation Participant

“[It was] great to hear the perspective of a person who has overcome their illness and is doing really well. [It was] very encouraging to me and made me more hopeful of my loved ones’ recovery”

– Community Presentation Participant

Our newly developed Community GUIDE Training for Mental Health is an 8 hour presentation that covers important statistical information, signs and symptoms, treatment, personal stories, and interactive activities and scenarios. We understand that not everyone is able to allow for 8 hours of training, and so many of our Community Presentations pull from parts of the Community Guide Training for Mental Health. While we encourage each group to consider receiving the full 8 hour Community Guide Training for Mental Health, we try to offer presentations that can fit within your timeline and also the select topics from our full training that would be most beneficial to your group.

To read more about our Community Presentations, including an outline of the Community GUIDE Training for Mental Health, please click HERE to view our presentation packet.

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Community Presentation Pricing

Type of Presentation Charge
1 hour or less, 1 speaker $100
Up to 2 hours, up to 2 speakers $175
Up to 3 hours, up to 3 speakers $250
Up to 4 hours, up to 3 speakers $325
Full 8 Hour GUIDE Presentation, Includes 3 speakers $500

*For requests of presentations of any unlisted length- please call the office for a pricing.


For more information contact:
Sara Hynes – Education & Community Training Director
630-752-0066  x 216