Community Presentation Request Form




Pricing for Community Education Presentations
For an estimate on the cost of a presentation please use the chart below. Pick the length of presentation you are looking to have, and add the number of speakers that you would like to incorporate*.
Length of Presentation Time Charge Number of Speakers Speaker Charge
1 hour or less $50 1 speaker $50
Up to 2 hours $100 2 speakers $75
Up to 3 hours $150 3 speakers $100
Up to 4 hours $200 4 speakers $125
For requests of presentations over 4 hours long, or including more than 4 hours- please call the office for a pricing.
* For any presentation longer that 1 hour, the minimum number of presenters is 2. Any presentation with more than 2 speakers must be at least 2 hours long.


Pricing for NAMI P.D. CONNECT Presentation
Presentation Type Number of Speakers Charge
1 hour or less Main Presenter $50
4 Hour 1 Speaker + Main Presenter $250
8 Hour 2 Speakers + Main Presenter $500
* For presentations of other lengths, please call the office to discuss