NAMI P.D. Connect

NAMI P.D. Connect

Our Education & Community Training Department is pleased to offer NAMI P.D. Connect. Through education we can reduce stigma, provide resources and inform the public that recovery is possible. NAMI P.D. Connect was created a little over a year ago, and since then has achieved tremendous success in education police officers in more effective strategies for handling mental health calls. We know that these calls can be very frustrating to respond to and often times seem as if there are very little options as to what to do. NAMI P.D. Connect aims to fill in some of those gaps and uncertainties, empowering officers to feel more certain and assured when responding to mental health calls. Out of the officers that have already participated in NAMI P.D. Connect, 95 percent of them have agreed that they have increased skills and tools to deal appropriately with a mental health crisis.

Our NAMI P.D. Connect Program offers a variety of presentation options for First Responders and Security Staff in DuPage County. Through 8-hour, 4-hour, or other length trainings- we provide an overview of what mental illness is and how to best interact or approach someone who is exhibiting symptoms of a mental illness during a call. Though the presentation is more focused than our other Community Presentations, we are still able to redesign the program and curriculum to meet your group’s unique needs.

NAMI P.D. Connect is lead by our main speaker Mike Hoffman. Other guest speakers include 2 individuals or family members with real life experiences sharing their stories with mental illness and police interaction, a MICAP Representative, and a State’s Attorney representative to discuss the Mental Health Code. Though the presentation is largely lecture based, the training is also meant to be interactive, incorporating many role play scenarios and other activities. Participants will receive a Certificate for completing the training.

About the Main Presenter: Mike Hoffman

Our NAMI P.D. Connect main presenter Mike Hoffman is a recently retired social worker from the Naperville Police Department where he worked for 30 years. During his time working at the police department, Mike’s main duties and daily tasks revolved around crisis intervention. He would handle hundreds of crisis calls and engage in ongoing follow up to a variety of casework: Domestic Violence, Mental Health crises, family conflicts, drug and alcohol crises, and youth and senior population issues. Mike thoroughly enjoys sharing how his over 30 years of experience has given him great insight to the various strategies, options and resources to implement in all types of crisis situations. Mike believes whole-heartedly that “training and education to first responders is essential and helpful to reduce stress and create more options and enhanced response to very challenging situations.”

Presenters from our Speaker’s Bureau also present their personal recovery stories living with mental illness, or being a friend or family of someone with a mental illness.


“I will remember the speakers’ personal stories and how I became emotionally attached to them.
Understanding what they went through and the obstacles they had to overcome.”

– NAMI P.D Connect Participant


“The most impactful part of the presentation was how honest and real their stories were, so impressing.”

– NAMI P.D Connect Participant


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Pricing for NAMI P.D. CONNECT Presentation
Presentation Type Number of Speakers Charge
1 hour or less Main Presenter $50
4 Hour 1 Speaker + Main Presenter $250
8 Hour 2 Speakers + Main Presenter $500
* For presentations of other lengths, please call the office to discuss

For more information contact:
Sara Hynes – Education & Community Training Director
630-752-0066  x 216