Family Education Classes (Family to Family & Basics)


Family-to-Family is a free 12-week educational course designed specifically for adult family members (18+) and others who have adult loved ones (18+) with a mental illness. The course is taught by other family members who have received intensive training for its presentation. Over 300,000 family members have graduated from this evidence based national program. If family members are in crisis and feel the need for support, we would encourage them to attend one of our Family Support Groups before taking the Family-to-Family educational course.

Course includes:

  • Current information about schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder (manic depression), panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, and co-occurring brain disorders and addictive disorders
  • Up-to-date information about medications, side effects, and strategies for medication adherence
  • Current research related to the biology of brain disorders and the evidence-based, most effective treatments to promote recovery
  • Gaining empathy by understanding the subjective, lived experience of a person with mental illness
  • Learning in special workshops for problem solving, listening, and communication techniques
  • Acquiring strategies for handling crises and relapse
  • Focusing on care for the caregiver: coping with worry, stress, and emotional overload
  • Guidance on locating appropriate supports and services within the community
  • Information on advocacy initiatives designed to improve and expand services

The 2-1/2 hour class meets for 12 consecutive weeks, and each week’s topic builds on the previous topics. Therefore, it is important that participants try to attend each class. For more information about NAMI’s Signature Family-to-Family class visit

To register for a class, click on one of the class options below. Call NAMI DuPage at (630) 752-0066 with any additional questions.

(Participants can register for a class up to the 3rd session/week of a class)
Testimonials from Family-to-Family participants
“[The course] was a revelation. It was the most beneficial time I believe I have ever spent. . . . I began to understand what might be going on inside our son, not just what I was feeling. My anger finally gave way to compassion. I discovered ways to deal with stigma. . . . Take the Family-to-Family Course. It will change your lives.” – Frank Ryan
“The course was wonderful. As the daughter of a parent with mental illness, and as a psychiatrist, the Family-to-Family course is much more valuable than I could have ever imagined. – Margaret (Peg) Miller, M.D.
“Before Family-to-Family, we were afraid, overwhelmed, and ill-equipped to manage this crisis unfolding in our home, in spite of the fact that my husband is a physician and I am an RN.”
“[This course] has provided our family with information and strategies to cope with our son in our home and truly understand mental illness and all the facets encompassing living with, emotionally supporting, and advocating for our son.”– DuPage County Mother and Father

To register for a class, click on one of the class options below. Call NAMI DuPage at (630) 752-0066 with any additional questions.

Upcoming Classes

For more information on our Education Programs please contact Meredith Kober at (630) 752-0066 or

NAMI Basics

NAMI Basics is a free, six week course for parents and caregivers who have a child in High School or younger (generally under the age 18) affected by a mental illness. Diagnoses discussed in the class include: childhood onset of bipolar disorder, childhood onset of schizophrenia, depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, OCD and eating disorders. Trained family members, who have firsthand experience with the rewards and challenges of raising children with mental illnesses volunteer to teach Basics.

Course includes:

  • Discussion about how it’s not your fault
  • Information on how mental illnesses are brain disorders
  • Getting an accurate diagnosis
  • An overview of treatment options
  • Impact on family members
  • Navigating the system for your child, (school, mental health)

To register for a class, click on one of the class options below. Call NAMI DuPage at (630) 752-0066 with any additional questions.

Upcoming Classes

Date/Time Event
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Basics- 10/12/2017 to 10/30/2017, Mondays and Thursdays - 7PM to 9:30PM in Wheaton, Compass Church
Compass Church, Wheaton IL
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Basics- 1/13/2018 to 2/17/2018, Saturdays - 10AM to 12:30PM in Wheaton, Community Center
Community Center, Wheaton IL
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Basics- 6/5/2018 tot 7/10/2018, Tuesdays - 7PM to 9:30PM in Westmont, Thresholds
Thresholds, Westmont IL
(Participants can register for a class up to the 2nd session/week of a class)

For more information contact:
Meredith Kober – Community Education Director
630-752-0066 x 207