Hospital Recovery Connections

Hospitalization for mental health concerns is always frightening, and often goes hand-in-hand with hopelessness.  Both diagnosed individuals and their families often feel unable to see beyond the immediate trials to a better future.  But the truth is that many Americans will need some kind of intensive mental health treatment in their lifetime, and most hospitalized individuals will go on to achieve many of their personal and career goals.

NAMI’s Hospital Recovery Connections is a multi-tired program designed to extend this message of hope and recovery to those who are currently undergoing inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment.  Complementing the work of physicians and therapists, NAMI’s programs demonstrate the real-life successes of real people who’ve found recovery from mental illness.

By providing extensive informational materials, sharing stories of hope and recovery, and providing access to one-on-one Peer Counselors and Family Counselors, our Hospital Recovery Connections program is a first-glimpse of hope for many DuPage County residents.


For more information contact:
Meredith Kober – Community Education Director
630-752-0066  x 207