Supported Employment


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This is what a participant (class, job search support,
and cafe volunteer) in
NAMI DuPage’s Supported Employment Programs
had to say about the program.

Through courage and support, they were able to obtain their first job in 2 years.

“For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with anxiety.  When I was in my early 20’s I also started to experience symptoms of psychosis.  The combination of these two diseases was frightening and put me in a vulnerable position that I had never been in before. Not only was I scared, but I also felt alone. I immediately started taking medication and began seeking treatment.
One of the many different ways I have helped myself is by volunteering at the NAMI Rise & Shine Cafe.  I am very thankful that this program was brought to my attention, as I  instantly felt at home joining the cafe.  The cafe not only has provided me with stability similar to having a job, but it has given me the chance to meet people who struggle with things similar to what I struggle with. Those, perhaps, have been the two most important things to my recovery. Now, instead of feeling sad or upset because of my situation, I feel fortunate.
I am happy to have gained the knowledge and experience of volunteering at the café.”


Since 2017 we have worked with over

75 people

to gain permanent, meaningful employment!


Program Need

Family members helping to support a loved one with a mental illness have told us time and again that if their loved one were employed, that individual would be supported in their recovery. Research supports the notion that stable employment is an important component of successful recovery for individuals with mental illness.

Employment Program Description

Our Supported Employment Program will prepare individuals with a mental illness for employment. Individuals will work with our Employment Specialist to determine their background in terms of education, skill sets, and other capabilities. The Employment Specialist, working with DuPage County employers will match individual participants to the employment area most suited to the participants’ goals, skills and preferences. Employment Specialists will place individuals in community employment and continue to provide support to program participants after placement.

NAMI DuPage plans to provide the opportunity for individuals to gain experience in the following employment areas:

  • Office Services
  • Print Shop
  • Hospitality/Coffee Shop

Impact on Participants

  • Help people recover their lives
  • Early steps to increased recovery
  • Engagement in the community
  • Increases engagement of treatment
  • Enhanced social inclusion
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Enhanced income

Impact on Community

  • Reduction of homelessness
  • Reduction of hospital visits
  • Potential to save millions in disability & public assistance
  • Remove their dependence on the mental health system

For more information or to partner with us please contact:
Cindy Kaczmarczyk at (630) 752-0066 x 225