Teen Stress-Relief Workshops

Teen Stress-Relief Workshops

Trouble handling expectations, school, and stress?  You’re normal, and we can equip you with some ways to deal better!  Want to add some tools to your well-being toolbox?  NAMI DuPage is pleased to offer half-day workshops for teens wanting to explore what resiliency looks like for them. Participants will walk away with exercises and tools they can practice themselves to help deal with stress.

Workshop includes:

  • Mindful Meditation
  • Exploring Resiliency
  • Building Teen Relationships
  • Tools for Stress Relief

The workshop is made possible in part by the Topfer Family Foundation, donations, and volunteers.

Fill out the below contact form if you want to host or attend a future workshop:

If you are interested in hosting a workshop up to 4 hours for high school or middle school students, please reach out to Alicia Carlisle-Camacho, Youth Program Coordinator, for more information at a.carlisle-camacho@namidupage.org or calling our office at 630-752-0066.  We plan a minimum of 3 months in advance of proposed workshop dates.