Be informed

The next step is to understand current mental health legislation. The following sites offer a wealth of information on various topics in mental health;some are helpful for understanding the law as it stands and others offer insight into current legislation.

The sites labeled ‘action alerts’ or ‘policy updates’ contain information on specific bills currently in the legislative process and are useful for advocacy.

Links marked with an asterisk (*) are particularly helpful.



NAMI factsheet on the mental health system.

*University of Chicago’s Mental Health Advocacy Project (current and recent past Illinois legislation concerning mental health.)

*National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

*Action alerts from The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.

Action Alerts from Mental Health America.

Commitment Laws:

Treatment Advocacy Center.



Parity and Mental Health Benefits:

Mental health benefits by state from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Children’s Mental Health:

NAMI factsheet on legislation affecting children’s mental health (2011.)


NAMI factsheets on Medicaid and mental health.

Supported Employment:

*Action alerts from the Association of Persons in Supported Employment.

Supported Housing:

Policy updates from the Corporation for Supported Housing.


Information about the latest homeless legislation.