Housing Resources

Program Need

The growing need for expanded housing options for those with mental illness has been evident for some time now. Our Resource Specialist regularly takes calls from family members anxious about the lack of housing options for a loved one with mental illness. Our two group homes have remained full since they began housing clients twenty years ago. Many parents with adult children with mental illness for whom they are caring have expressed their concern over the fate of their children once they are no longer around to care for them.

Housing Program Description

NAMI DuPage plans to provide linkage to community supports and life skills training to individuals with mental illness who live alone or with aging parents so that they have the ability to gain or maintain their independence. They ultimate goal of the program is to partner with community housing agencies to provide further affordable housing options for those with mental illness.



  • Hire a P/T Housing program director
  • Work with community landlords
  • Work with community housing organizations
  • Work with individuals to identify needs
  • Work with family members to identify needs

Project Impact

Supporting independent living will promote individuals’ independence and dignity and will allow individuals to become productive and active members of their community. Long-term, the availability of wider temporary housing options for those with mental illness will allow many more individuals with mental illness to surmount the obstacle of unstable housing that can act as a barrier to recovery.