Peer Counselor

NAMI DuPage Peer Counselors are now available to make appointments for any individual with a mental health diagnosis or any family member/support person of someone with a diagnosis.  To do so, please call the NAMI DuPage office at 630-752-0066 x 218 and ask for Lisa or fill out a request form here. Scheduling an appointment takes at least one week to set up so please keep that in mind.

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The Peer Counselors have undergone intensive training to resolve crisis and help others find their own path to recovery.  All of that hard work has brought them to them being prepared, excited and ready to start meeting with any of you.  They also are doing speaking for us in hospital settings, community outreach, as well as general educational settings.

While most of our programs are free, we do charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the peer counselor’s time. Please refer to the Fee Policy, and if you have any questions or concerns please contact Patty Johnstone at 630-752-0066.

Who are our Peers and how can they help? 

Individual Peer Counselors
We have Individual Peer Counselors with a variety of age ranges, experiences and diagnosis willing to share their lived experiences in recovery.  They also will be helping to work on goals, whether big or small, connect to community resources and provide support.  They are not therapists, but can help in identifying things to ask when looking for a good psychiatrist or therapist.

Family Peer Counselors
The Family Peer Counselors can help with community resources, offer support to the families/support people, help manage expectations and explanations of what we all know can be a difficult mental health system to navigate.  Either way, we are furthering the NAMI DuPage message of, “You are not Alone” especially when you can partner with a Peer Counselor.




Additional Information:
Peer Counselor & Living Room Brochure