The episode discusses the importance of repairing relationships and relationship ruptures that occur as a result of substance use addiction or mental illness. It emphasizes the need for healthy relationships and taking ownership of one’s actions. The impact of addiction and mental illness on relationships is explored, with personal experiences shared. The conversation also delves into the emotional distance and unavailability that often accompanies addiction. Strategies for repairing relationships are discussed, including honesty, self-forgiveness, and volunteering. The importance of patience and faith in the healing process is highlighted. The conversation explores the challenges of repairing relationships and addressing ruptures caused by addiction. It emphasizes the importance of managing expectations, both from others and ourselves, in the journey of recovery. The discussion also touches on the shift in mindset towards substances and the need to set boundaries to protect one’s sobriety. The impact of COVID-19 on personal growth and relationship repair is highlighted, along with the significance of open and honest communication. The episode concludes with a powerful story of redemption and the importance of doing the right thing.