In this episode, Justin and Mark discuss the differences between being proactive and reactive in recovery. They emphasize the importance of transitioning from a mindset of dealing with problems as they arise to being prepared for potential challenges. They highlight the power of mindset and attitude in recovery and the need to prioritize self-care. They also discuss the importance of building a support network and surrounding oneself with positive influences. The conversation touches on the challenges of managing early warning signs and the benefits of a diversified approach to recovery. In this part of the conversation, Marc and Justin discuss the importance of making a complete change in order to maintain sobriety. They talk about the challenges of distancing themselves from old friends and the need to prioritize personal growth and well-being. They also discuss the significance of setting goals and being proactive in recovery. Marc shares his early goals, such as taking care of his physical health and attending therapy and support meetings. They emphasize the importance of celebrating small wins and seeking support ahead of challenging times. They also touch on the role of spirituality and higher power in the recovery journey.