In this conversation, Justin, Mark, and Ted discuss the importance of mental health awareness and combating the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction. They emphasize the need for education and understanding, as well as the importance of self-compassion and acceptance. Ted shares his personal journey with addiction and how Mark reached out to offer support, highlighting the power of connection and helping others. They also touch on the impact of physical performance on mental health and the role of women in Ted’s addiction. Overall, the conversation explores the intersection of mental health, addiction, and personal growth. In this conversation, Ted shares his recovery journey and the role that physical fitness played in his sobriety. He discusses the importance of finding a routine and structure in his life, including a strict diet and exercise regimen. Ted also emphasizes the significance of having a support system and being open to help from others. He highlights the role of spirituality and a higher power in his recovery, as well as the importance of living a life of service. The conversation concludes with a discussion on shame, self-respect, and the power of compassion.